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Hai, I'm newbiee ^_^

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Hi, I'm newbiee. So freshie in here.
If schools days ago, when a new person je must familiarize themselves want to do. Ok, please Introduce urself. Name. Where the first school. Why move here and blablabla. So, as a novice in the field of this blog ... Should I Introduce myself? It must be. If not how do people want to know us, right?

 Ok! Erm ... My name is Fatin Farhanah binti Md Noor. Actually my first ever blog, first la. Now'm JAP. Why JAP? The reason'm terdelete. The story is actually delete. Hehe. Now, this is my official blog la. I created this blog because ... this one of my individual assignment for MGT 417 ( Information Systems ) in one of my course subject that I take now ( International Business ). Log in final marks that. Hopefully my lecturer satisfied with my work that have not got any kind of rojak this intervention.

p/s : do support me dengan ramai-ramai follow ;-)